Kurtis Fierro
Social Media & Web Expert, Online Reputation Manager
Kurtis Fierro

A natural-born artist and computer expert, Kurtis began working for Fierro Communications as a social media specialist and web designer. Today, his expertise spans the Internet, assisting clients with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media expertise, Online Pushdown and website design.

Driven and lightning fast, Kurtis loves following in the footsteps of his father, President Mark Fierro, in telling clients’ stories and safeguarding their online reputations.

Growing up as part of the first true “Internet generation,” Kurtis brings young, vibrant energy and insight to his work here at Fierro. The stable of clients whose bottom lines and reputations Kurtis has helped build, grows larger each day.

In his spare time, Kurtis loves honing his martial arts skills and is also an avid artist and illustrator.