Public Relations

The Fierro Communications team has a true understanding of public relations and how to build awareness and a favorable image for a company, product or person without the high costs of advertising. A well planned public relations program uses a variety of communications channels including media relations, internal communications and community relations to reach out to the intended target audiences. Our strategies have changed public opinion to the success of our clients and have been instrumental in helping shape Nevada’s business and political landscape.

Media Relations

Media relations can be a cornerstone of any effective marketing plan, generating positive brand recognition in the minds of your target audiences. One of the strengths of Fierro Communications is our contacts within the media. We have spent years developing relationships with print and electronic media not only locally and throughout the United States, but from across the globe. This is an area where being proactive and persistent is the key. We continuously look for ways to put our clients in the spotlight.

Executive Media Training

Presentations before live audiences and interviews with the media can be among the most stressful aspects of leadership. It is not usual for top executives to see careers sidetracked because of the inability to handle fairly simple presentation techniques before the firm’s leaders or mass media audiences. Fierro Communications has supported clients in everything from training for nine-figure IPOs to internal company reports.

Event Planning

We can design, coordinate and execute a variety of special events to enhance our client’s visibility. Fierro Communications is exceedingly creative in producing unique, high-profile happenings to draw the attention of media representatives, VIPs, celebrities, elected officials and trendsetters.

Community Relations

Fierro Communications feels community involvement greatly enhances the image and visibility of any organization. We can work with your current charities as well as create and recommend opportunities for you to tie-in with other charities and receive the positive publicity from it. Unfortunately, good deeds often go unnoticed. We will position you as the community “good guys” and ensure that you receive the positive publicity from your generous actions.

Internal Communications

Your internal communications are just as important as your external. Fierro Communications can help determine what should be communicated within your organization, when and to whom it should be communicated to and how it should be communicated. Employees and managers in successful companies understand the mission, goals, values and operations of the organization- bringing about better public relations and better utilization of resources.