Online Marketing

The advent of the Internet suddenly allowed all manner of businesses to reach a global audience easily without need to purchase prohibitively expensive traditional media. However, unless you’re on the cutting edge of the evolution of the net, you may be having a hard time sifting through all the portals for communication that are out there.

Fierro Communications’ in-house Online Marketing Department can help you to make sense of the best ways to use emerging “New Media” to benefit sales and get your message to the masses. Whether you’re interested in marketing your products and services directly with an e-Commerce website; generating sales leads; advertising on an online affiliate network; taking advantage of local marketing; or generating social networking buzz, we can make a difference. When you need the world to take notice, Fierro Communications can place your message in so many places on the net that you will tend to pop up everywhere potential targets look; maximizing your impact and increasing your bottom line.

Online Reputation Management

In addition to Search Engine Optimization, Fierro Communications can conduct an online reputation audit for our clients. Our dedicated, in-house blogger can be your company’s lookout for negative comments and reviews on the Internet- that can then be pushed down by positive stories and comments.

Online Advertising

Our Online Marketing Department deals with all of these and more on a day-to-day basis and has a great track record of successfully promoting our clients on the Net when traditional advertising has failed to make an impact. Depending on your company’s needs, Fierro Communications can guide you to the most effective online advertising campaign that works hand-in-hand with your overall public relations strategy.

Social Networking

These days all modern websites function along the same lines as a blog. Taking advantage of this situation, Fierro Communications employs a team of bloggers to distribute our clients’ message by way of comments, forums, other blogs as well as through your own website and social networking channels to drive your Search Engine Results Ranking through the roof. Follow our recommendations for Search Engine Optimization alongside an active, interesting and informative blogging campaign and you’ll see you company’s web site traffic skyrocket.

Search Engine Optimization

Fierro Communications recommendations for Search Engine Optimization resulting in naturally high placement in search engine results FROM DAY ONE. We understand the complex algorithms that the major search providers use to determine your rank on the search engine results pages. Our web designer is also an experienced Search Engine Optimizer who writes keyword-rich content and code based on the best internationally-standard practices, refusing to cut corners and placing your company’s website where customers will see it.

Web Design

Fierro Communications designed Websites are sleek, enterprise-level and authoritative with an equal attention paid to real and robotic visitors. Special consideration is taken to designing a user interface that is clean, well organized and streamlined for easy use. Extra attention is given to optimizing for the Search Engine Indices. Web crawlers and automatic site readers visit your site daily, these visitors process information in a completely different way from human beings and are responsible for reporting back to the major search engine providers.