Crisis Management

Fierro Communications has handled some of the nation’s highest profile cases in the media, often swaying public opinion to the success of our clients. While our communications plans create positive images for our clients and increase their bottom line, in day-to-day operations, there may be issues that arise that need immediate attention. It is imperative that these issues do not distract from enhancing your reputation and, at the same time, are handled immediately and professionally.

The ability and experience to deal with crisis quickly and effectively is one of the strengths of Fierro Communications. Drawing from decades of experience, Fierro Communications can create media strategies and communications plans to ensure that your side is heard in the media.

Litigation Support

Fierro Communications is the acknowledged litigation support agency in Las Vegas. We have extensive experience dealing with high-profile civil and criminal cases. We have the reputation for making quick, concise changes in an effort to turn the tide of public opinion. Fierro Communications will sit one-on-one with the media to make your case, and in extraordinary circumstances will negotiate rules for media interviews.

Online ‘Push Down’

Fierro Communications has proven strategies for combating negative links on the Internet. From major media sites to extortionists like the “Ripoff Report,” we have had negative or libelous information removed from the search engine indexes so that a search of your name or your company’s name reflects your positive accomplishments and recommends you to potential clients instead of driving them away because of a salacious link that is ‘stuck’ in the middle of your search page.